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Gullivers Fundraising Raffle

By June 16, 2023November 14th, 2023Forms1 min read
Gullivers Fundraising Raffle

The 2023 Raffle Winner is…

Aarush Mahajan

Canberra Grammar

UK Cricket Tour 2023

Gullivers Fundraising Raffle

"We support people

and their passions..."

We encourage groups to travel and see the world as we believe the benefits from the shared experiences on tour are life changing.

We also understand that it takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail in preparing the group for the journey, organising their needs, and fundraising to reach the departure gate.

To support our groups’ fundraising efforts, we organise a raffle that allows them to engage their community and raise funds for their tours. What makes this raffle unique is that 100% of the funds raised go directly to the group.

Each year, we partner with companies in the Travel Industry who share the same intention of helping groups in their community’s travel and see the world.

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