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“With languages, you are at home anywhere.”

– Edward De Waal

There is no better way to practice a language than to spend some time immersed in the language and culture!


We organise homestays with families in the Paris region. During your stay climb the Eiffel Tower, see the Arc de Triomphe, stroll along the Champs Elysées, explore the old quarter of Le Marais and the University Quarter of St Germain des Prés. In the evening return to your host family and spend the evening practising your language skills.
We also arrange French language lessons either in Paris or Montpellier and accommodation either with host families or hotels/youth hostels. Sightseeing options can include the beautiful regions of Provence (Avignon, Nimes and Aix en Provence), Languedoc Roussillon (Carcassonne and Perpignan) and Toulouse.


Students can practice their language skills when shopping or ordering meals. Plus improve their vocabulary when listening to the locals speaking in their language. Language classes can be included in tours to Rome, Florence, Venice, Perugia and Sorrento. Students will experience stages of Italy’s history. They will see and learn about majestic masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David in Florence, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome, and the buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. They will have the opportunity to climb Mt Vesuvius in Naples and visit the medieval towns of San Geminin Siena and Venice.


A trip to Japan is a wonderful experience for students and their teachers due to the
diversity, culture and history that are provided by this unique destination. Students have the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and experience a culture that is truly different from life back home. Whilst in Japan students will have the opportunity to visit famous cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka just to name a few. They also will experience one of Japan’s most famous attractions – a trip on the Bullet Train; this in itself is a true highlight for any tour to Japan.

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