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Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama – Japan’s Portside Gem

Just a stone’s throw from Tokyo lies Yokohama, a city that has gracefully fused its historical charm with a modern-day sheen. This once-sleepy fishing village has evolved into a bustling metropolis, yet it never forgets its roots. At every turn, you’ll encounter pockets of history that nod to its rich maritime past.

Sankeien Garden
A peaceful haven in the heart of Yokohama, Sankeien Garden boasts traditional Japanese architecture and meticulously cared-for landscapes. As you stroll its paths, each season presents a different facet of beauty, from cherry blossoms in spring to fiery maple trees in fall.

Chinatown’s Culinary Delight
Yokohama’s Chinatown isn’t just the biggest in Japan—it’s a sensory explosion. Wander through its colorful streets, and treat yourself to authentic dim sum, Peking duck, and other Chinese delicacies.

Views from Yokohama Marine Tower
The iconic Yokohama Marine Tower stands tall as a beacon of the city’s skyline. Venture to its observation deck and let the panoramic views of the sprawling city and shimmering bay take your breath away.



Country Japan
Region Kantō
Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture


Yokohama, Japan

Currency: Japanese Yen (¥)

Language: Japanese

Weather Climate: Humid subtropical with warm summers and mild winters.

Major Airport: Tokyo Haneda Airport (closest international airport)

Time from Tokyo by flight: N/A (short train or car ride)

Major Train Station: Yokohama Station

Time from Tokyo by train: Approx. 25-30 minutes

Time from Tokyo by car: Around 30 minutes

Time Zone: Japan Standard Time (JST)

Tourism Office for Yokohama

TEL: +61 (0) 2 9267 8655
FAX: +61 (0) 2 9261 4361
Toll Free: 1300 307 077 (Australia Only)

Suite 205, Level 2, 2 Grosvenor Street Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
PO Box 1287, Sydney NSW 2001

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